About us

Color Portfolio´s products and services provide clients with accurate and useful information necessary to design their up-coming season. Color Portfolio can provide specific consulting services based on your color and trend needs.

If your company requires a color and trend presentation to a group, or desire market research, we can help you with special project needs.

If you can´t shop Europe or other markets we can do it for you. Color Portfolio travels regularly and can provide you with design samples, color and trend analysis, or market research from those areas.

We are experts in various categories such as Women's, Junior's, Men's, Young Men's, Boys, Girls, and in Infant Toddlers. We have recently expanded into Soft Home, and Lifestyle Color. Color Portfolio's client base consists of noteworthy retailers, apparel manufacturers and textile companies in all market areas, including domestic and international.

For more information call 972-447-9599 or toll-free 866-876-8884. You can also fill out the contact form and we will be in touch with you.